Exhibition: “One Hundred Views of the Arts Tower”

February 11th-March 31st, Western Bank Library Exhibition Gallery, Free Entry

I am taking part in the “One Hundred Views of the Arts Tower” exhibition this Spring. Our Favourite Places are running the exhibition by way of a very Yorkshire take on Hokusai’s wood print collection “One Hundred views of Mount Fuji”.  His collection explored the prominence of the Mountain on the skyline of Tokyo from a variety of perspectives. Similarly the Arts Tower holds a prominent visual spot above our city’s skyline.

The exhibition is part of the Sheffield Modern architecture festival. The gallery is displaying artists from across the city together in a range of mediums. From ceramic, to video, photography to drawings. Located in the Western Bank Library Exhibition Gallery, the Arts Tower itself a looming presence over the location.

My piece in the exhibition

I’ve contributed a digital illustration print to the exhibition. My print is a lighthearted tongue in cheek exploration of my own prominent feelings towards the Arts Tower.

I have been required to visit the building for meetings and talks on several occasions by my previous employers in the University’s Students Union across the road and so I established familiarity with the inside of the building. The Paternoster lifts are the part of the building that draw the most feeling out of me. One of only 2 remaining paternosters in the country you could say we are very lucky to have it in our city. However, I have never gotten inside it because, frankly, it looks like it wants to eat me.

My contribution to the exhibition explores this childish fear in a bright and silly way. All I hope for it is that just one person sees it and thinks ‘at least it’s not just me!’. After all, I am pretty sure I can’t be the only person who feels this way, right?

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