Cows About Cambridge Announcement

I am excited to be announcing that I am an artist for cows about Cambridge! 

Another one?

YES! This will be my fifth sculpture for wild in art this year across 4 U.K. cities. That’s not counting the cheeky little York ghost hunt ghost Nellie. The trail won’t be live until 2020 though so there’s a little bit of time to wait for my sculpture to hit the streets.

Even More excitingly I am partnered with the projects headline sponsor Govia Thames link. It means that I already know where my sculpture will be based. Tying in with the theme of the design, it will be based in the train station. A building that will feature in the cow itself. 

I love the idea of my cow welcoming people into the city! A mini map to be their first friendly intro to the city. The design features lots of local land marks, painted fun, bold and bright. It also features Gomes, escalated to the status of landmarks. This is to give a shout out to the local folk who make the city what it is.

Working with the headline sponsor means I’ll expect to be more involved in the trail that’s perhaps some of the others. I’m excited to see how it goes though.

How about the design?

Find my Instagram profile to see how I get on, and get a first peek at the sculpture. With such a great success of auctions of my other sculptures as of late, it will be amazing to break the £60,000 raised for charity mark with my sculptures. 

Plus, stay turned for another Charity sculpture announcement…

48 Spooky Hours in London

Back in October I visited London to celebrate my birthday… twice in one week.

Lucky gal, eh? Having an October birthday and loving all things spooky is the best. I actually think there’s a correlation. Cause and effect, positive association.

In my next two blogs I am going to review my two spooky trips. 

The Last Tuesday Society/ Victor Wynd Museum 

I have wanted to visit this cocktail bar come curiosity museum from the moment I found out there is a cocktail bar come curiosity museum! In previos trips to London it has always felt a little too off the beaten path. Imagine the joy when we arrived in London I realised that it was on the very same street as our hotel this time round. Kismet or what? 

In the heart of Bethnal Green you’ll find this quirky bar. Filled with taxidermy specimens and an array of trinkets. The cocktails are good and unusually named. So because many take inspiration from some of the depths of the Victor Wynd museum.

The museum is based in the cosy bar’s basement and subject to an additional entry fee. Definitely worth the extra few quid to me though. I had been dying to look inside!

What awaited was weird art, old porn and even more taxidermy. Tiny fortune teller moles and karate champion mice. One of my highlights included a cake that was a life size charred corpse in a state of autopsy. The museum is small but full and a lot of fun after a few too many particularly boozy cocktails. 

Journey to the Underworld

I am a total sucker for immersive experience, and immersive dining experiences are the best of the best. We completely stumbled upon this one. In a late night google for tomorrow’s restaurants we found this gem 10 minutes walk from our hotel. This immersive dining experience isn’t always spooky themed but lucky for me it was then. 

Furnicular productions deliver one hell of an experience. You are handed your literal train ticket to hell as you arrive before being directed to the sin themed cocktails in the creepy station bar (mango and scotch bonnet chilli? Yes please!) A few tricks and treats await you but the show really begins once you board the dining cart.

A clever use of animation and tech alongside some good for a laugh actors are what creates the immersion. The whole thing is enjoyable from start to finish. The food is created by Masterchef the Professionals Finalist Louisa Ellis and really good quality. Each course was well timed with the entertainment. The only thing I would have preferred is a bit of choice as opposed to a set 

menu since the food didn’t seemed linked to the experience in any way. 

The Ragged House Ghost Hunt

The perfect way to end our spooky weekend was with our first ever ghost hunt. A birthday treat from my other half. Find out more about how we got on and if we bagged any spooks in my previous blog.

I Went on a Real Life Ghost Hunt

When I was a kid I used to try and catch ghosts at home. I know that can’t surprise you given how much ghosts feature in my work. This October though I got to go on my first ever paranormal investigation!

We’re going on a ghost hunt!

It was a birthday surprise from my other half and I thought I’d share my experience with you guys as I know a lot of you like spooky stuff too! The ghost hunt took place in London at the Ragged School Museum in Tower Hamlets.

Setting the Scene

We arrived at the museum at 9pm after a day exploring the capital. We were welcomed by some friendly and welcoming paranormal investigators and some fancy and complicated looking equipment. They pointed us towards the teas and coffees where we should await further instruction. If we are going to last the night, we’re going to need a lot of caffeine! To my surprise there were about forty others waiting for the hunt to start, who knew ghost hunts were so popular?

A Nighttime Tour of the Ragged Museum

A volunteer of the museum started the night by taking us on a tour of the Ragged School. He showed us the rooms across the four floors and told us about the history of the building. As well as a Victorian school, the building had later become a leather jacket factory. There was nothing creepy or macabre in his tales but it gave us some context about where we were.

Let the Hunt Commence!

Our first activity was as our whole group of forty. Our lead investigators encouraged us to open our minds and get in the correct energy set for the evening. Afterwards we split into teams of 10 and undertook experiments in groups around the building. These ranges from Ouija boards to various sensors to white noise in a radio. Unfortunately, not much was explained about the experiments or how they work. A cynic might say because they don’t and there’s nothing to explain, but I’m sure there’s more of a basis in them than that.

So are you full Sixth Sense now Sian?

Honestly? No. There was nothing presented to me that evening that made me think we had contacted anyone from the other side. There were instances to make me think that we had some cheeky planchette pushers among us, and some folk with big imaginations but evidence of ghosts? Not in my books. 

Thing is, I didn’t expect too. We had a laugh, a spooky adventure and a very memorable birthday treat. It didn’t feel much more advanced than me dusting flour over my toys as a child to see if a ghost moved them, btu then again, that was its charm. 


Halloween Film Recommendations Round 2

So it’s after Halloween now, I get it. Do you care though? No, me neither, and there’s more films I want to tell you about too! Here’s more horror recommendations from me to get you over the post Halloween blues.

The Witch

Robert Eggers is one of two directors I have my eye firmly on at the moment. The next director we will discuss in my next entry to the list. ‘The Witch’ is an indie horror that was under so much hype when it was released that it would be too easy to disappoint. However, I think it deserved every bit of it. Set in the US during the height of witch hunt paranoia. We follow a family trying to find out who is responsible for the loss of their son. As the film progresses, fingers point increasingly inwards.

I once showed this film in a woodland at night. It was every bit as perfect a setting as I’d hoped it would be. If you can’t manage that though, a regular old domicile is just fine. A family becomes torn apart by accusations and fear. There are some stand out lines of dialogue and characters who have gone on to gain cult status.


This is a film that divides people but I am staunchly in camp Ari Aster. His more recent offering of ‘Midsommer’ was a work of art too. If you are going to start somewhere though, start with ‘Hereditary’. Another film that focuses on the trials of a family following tragedy. I watched this film in an evening and spent about five days afterwards on the internet because of it. Looking at fan theories, researching the inspiration and generally just trying to get my head around the whole glorious thing.

It’s another example of why everything that Toni Collette touches turns to gold. Mostly though it is a beautifully crafted construction of a tragic tale. An example of extraordinary horror in a familiar suburban setting.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

I will tell you barely anything about this one as this genre bending horror is just too easy to give away. Here we have a chamber piece set in a father son mortuary as they perform an autopsy of a beautiful corpse found in strange circumstances. The film is beautifully suspenseful and has you guessing till the end. Tensions are built ever so slowly and unnervingly as we try to work out just what in the hell is going on. The twists and turns are satisfying and well presented and make the film well worth a watch.

The Ritual

This British horror tells the tale of a group of men on a hiking holiday in Sweden who encounter something strange in the woods. This horror takes its roots in folklore and explores something of a wicker man style narrative. What sets it apart is the artistry of the sometimes surreal cinematography as the characters try to retain their sanity and friendships whilst processing the horror of the situation that they are in and tragedy stemming from the loss of a friend. Plus it’s got Raife Spall in and he is always great!

What We Do in the Shadows

I’ve just reccomended you 8 of my favourite horror films, so right about now you are probably in need of a laugh! One of the best comedy films in recent years in my opinion is What We Doin the Shadows. This documentary focuses on a group of vampires in a flat share in New Zealand and it is just zinger after zinger after zinger. Imagine what it must be like to live with a flat mate who doesn’t do the dishes, but for 200 years?

If you love Flight of the Conchords, Thor Ragnorrok or Hunt for the Wilderpeople then you are guaranteed to love this. I find myself assuming everyone has seen it, but then I meet people who haven’t so I will recommend it till I am blue in the face.


I hope you have found some new things on my last couple of blogs, if you think of a film that you’d think I would like, be sure to comment and let me know!