48 Spooky Hours in London

Back in October I visited London to celebrate my birthday… twice in one week.

Lucky gal, eh? Having an October birthday and loving all things spooky is the best. I actually think there’s a correlation. Cause and effect, positive association.

In my next two blogs I am going to review my two spooky trips. 

The Last Tuesday Society/ Victor Wynd Museum 

I have wanted to visit this cocktail bar come curiosity museum from the moment I found out there is a cocktail bar come curiosity museum! In previos trips to London it has always felt a little too off the beaten path. Imagine the joy when we arrived in London I realised that it was on the very same street as our hotel this time round. Kismet or what? 

In the heart of Bethnal Green you’ll find this quirky bar. Filled with taxidermy specimens and an array of trinkets. The cocktails are good and unusually named. So because many take inspiration from some of the depths of the Victor Wynd museum.

The museum is based in the cosy bar’s basement and subject to an additional entry fee. Definitely worth the extra few quid to me though. I had been dying to look inside!

What awaited was weird art, old porn and even more taxidermy. Tiny fortune teller moles and karate champion mice. One of my highlights included a cake that was a life size charred corpse in a state of autopsy. The museum is small but full and a lot of fun after a few too many particularly boozy cocktails. 

Journey to the Underworld

I am a total sucker for immersive experience, and immersive dining experiences are the best of the best. We completely stumbled upon this one. In a late night google for tomorrow’s restaurants we found this gem 10 minutes walk from our hotel. This immersive dining experience isn’t always spooky themed but lucky for me it was then. 

Furnicular productions deliver one hell of an experience. You are handed your literal train ticket to hell as you arrive before being directed to the sin themed cocktails in the creepy station bar (mango and scotch bonnet chilli? Yes please!) A few tricks and treats await you but the show really begins once you board the dining cart.

A clever use of animation and tech alongside some good for a laugh actors are what creates the immersion. The whole thing is enjoyable from start to finish. The food is created by Masterchef the Professionals Finalist Louisa Ellis and really good quality. Each course was well timed with the entertainment. The only thing I would have preferred is a bit of choice as opposed to a set 

menu since the food didn’t seemed linked to the experience in any way. 

The Ragged House Ghost Hunt

The perfect way to end our spooky weekend was with our first ever ghost hunt. A birthday treat from my other half. Find out more about how we got on and if we bagged any spooks in my previous blog.

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