I Launched a Patreon!

I have thought about this for a while. There are so many opportunities to engage with new things as an artist. Technology is an amazing thing! I know I sound like an 80 year old when I say that, but there really is so much to learn! Seeing platforms like Patreon and Kofi is one thing. I have already engaged with online platforms like Threadless and Kickstarter. Yes, they are totally different but I feel like learning and experimenting is a huge thing for young career artists to do. 

Patreon appeals to me as a creator and as a patron. Artists that I love on instagram and YouTube I can get such a further insight to their work on Patreon. It feels like you get to connect with that artist more too. It’s a bit more intimidate. I’d even go as far as to say it feels like a secret art club? I am trying not to explore the platform too much just yet for fear of becoming slightly addicted! 

As an artists commercially I am quite terrible. I join platforms to explore them as a creator and I always end up a customer. I‘m a sucker for good art and the chance to support artists. Also I spend a fortune on prints, clothing and earrings that I spy on people’s instagram pages. I back kickstarters for books and pins all the time. Left unchecked I would subscribe to so many Patreon’s I just know it! 

I want my Patreon to be a place where artists can learn about my materials, projects and techniques but also a space to be enjoyed by people who aren’t artists too. With discounts for my store, digital merch and sneaky peeks into everyday life as an artist. I aim to get more confident with videoed material so I can share more process vids too. 

Tell me what you’re after!

It’s important for me to be aware that I am not an expert at this. I want to create content that you guys want to see. If you think I am missing something, tell me! What sort of stuff would you like to see on my Patreon page? What kind of rewards would encourage you to pledge? Drop me your ideas on my contact page and make my day! 

Find my Patreon page here!

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