Peshkar Stay at Home Art Club

Over the last three weeks I have been collaborating with Peshkar to deliver the online virtual art club #PeshkarSAHAC. You may think this sounds familiar as I wrote about it in my blog at the beginning of the month. I thought it would be nice to revisit the challenge and look at some work I have created for it.

The Aims

The goal of the challenge was to create art away from screens. We spend far too time on our screens, especially tat the moment. A break form screens to me is always a well welcomed rest. For my eyes and my mind! I especially love creating art offline too. The chance to make a bit of mess and experiment with something tangible is always attractive. I wanted to try something new over the challenge too.

Week 1

For the first prompt I really went for the idea of ‘playful’. The prompt word was ‘togetherness’ and I wanted to create something really outside of my usual work. I opted for a set of face paints and using my hand as a canvas.  I created a little family of ghosts, who when viewed without the palm look separate, but are all part of the same appendidge. It reflected my feelings around relationships in lockdown. Feeling connected to your loved ones despite not seeing them for months.

Week 2

The next prompt word was ‘home’ and again I thought a lot about lockdown! That never ending period of being ‘at home’. Still thinking about connections to loved ones far away I opted for a postcard. A little nod to the holidays we are all not having at the moment too! I created a vintage style postcard form my home. Greetings from my kitchen!

Week 3

The final week’s prompt was ‘respect’ and this was a tough one to create for. I couldn’t choose. Did I want to create something for key workers? Did I want to create something in support of trans rights or the Black Lives Matter movement? I chose to create a portrait of an artist I respect whose progressive views were at the forefront of her career. Frida Kahlo. A revolutionary, artist of colour and a fighter for LGBT and feminist rights, I felt like she embodied all the things I wanted to portray. I wanted to use the last week to try a new technique too so I opted for a single line portrait of Frida.  

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