August Only Patreon Sign Up Gift Bundle

Last month I launched my Patreon account into the world. If you are not familiar with the platform it is a place where artists can create exclusive behind the scene content and create and share rewards for groups of supporters. To access this the supporters pledge a donation each month. This is an excellent platform that allows artists to gain real tangiable support and create a small community online. Fans of the artists can gain a deeper insight into the work and world of that artist. They can also gain access to discount codes for their stores and other supporter rewards. Pledges can start from a quid or two a month giving instant access to a treasure trove of artist’s posts.

Big shout out to Lucy and Freyja!

I currently have two wonderful patrons who support me on my journey and I am so grateful for their support! At a crazy time like this and as I have just become a full time artist it is even more appreciated and humbling. So I want to give a big shout out of thanks to these wonderful two!


I am hoping to be able to grow my Patreon page and welcome more patrons into the mix. To encourage more sign ups I have a special welcome pack on offer. Anyone who pledges to my page in August will receive it. This is irregardless of which pledge tier you choose and it is a limited time special offer for those taking the leap to join my page first. I will be creating an exclusive digital bundle just for you guys and you will all receive it! The bundle includes three products. The first is a wallpaper for your phone or tablet. The second is a colour in page to print and complete at home. The last will be a digital print for you to print and hang at home. 

I hope that these rewards are the sort of treats that my patrons would like to recieve. Throughout the year I plan to periodically include freebie gifts outside of people’s tier rewards. 

I really appreciate that you want to support me. If there is specific content that you want to see please don’t be afraid to message me and let me know! Especially as I am trying to build my account. I want to create interesting posts that are entertaining, insightful or educational depending on what you guys would like to see. Just drop me a message and give me your ideas and your feedback.

Remember, this free bundle is only available to those who join my Patreon in August (and existing patrons). So have a look at my tiers on offer if you’d like to receive the exclusive goodies bundle. 

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