Instagram 3k Giveaway

You’ve probably seen that I currently have a pretty epic giveaway on the go. I thought I’d take this blog opportunity to look at the sweet haul on offer. 

To start I want to offer a huge thank you to all the wonderful artists who donated something to the giveaway. I wanted to approach artists who I thought would help create a good aesthetic for the giveaway and would also be people that my followers would enjoy to discover. There’s no point running a giveaway asking people to follow someone whose art they don’t enjoy just to try and bag a freebie.

When I finally had all the prizes together and could lay them out for a photo shoot I was instantly jealous of whoever was going to win! It was tough to get them all in a shot that I could use on social media. I hope it’s done justice to the fab prizes on offer!

You can find out more about each artist by following their instagram handles tagged on the instagram giveaway post 🙂

The Dark Times

The lovely Hattie has donated these incredible bat cut outs that seem to have taken over instagram! It seems that every self respecting goth aesthetic account has rightly gotten on board. They are a brilliant statement display. Her paper cuts are wonderful and she included some adorable ghost stickers too.

You’re So Cool

We’ve got a couple of bold black and white prints donated by the wonderful You’re So Cool. The ‘No feet’ Beetlejuice ghosts are my fave! Her work is full of all the creepy films we have nostalgia from when we were kids and the music of our teenage years! Whatever your fandom there’s something for you 🙂

Stella Box Designs

I love Hachley’s lino prints! It’s such a wonderful printing technique I definitely need to carve in (pun, wahey!) more time for myself to practice. You might have even spotted her ‘stay spooky’ pumpkin print in my studio. She has donated the gravestone print and I love the use of negative space on the bone fence. 

The Littlest Spook Shop

We got a great little bundle of adorable prints from The Littlest Spook Shop for the giveaway. I’m always going to love a cute little ghost and these guys are no exception. Plus Laura’s included  the most adorable little spook pin! The pin is based on the popular Polaroid ghost print and the detail and finish on it are lush!

Nox Caleo

You guys all know how obsessed I am with spooky jewellery. It’s ridiculous. The little Nox caleo ghost earring and matching necklace are totally adorable! So much so I may have run over to the store to pick myself up some spooky treats (I told you I was jealous of the giveaway winner!)

Saffron Reichenback

The pin game is strong with this one! We’ve got some super wicked stickers and a glamour ghoul and bat girl pin. These awesome pins are definitely gonna boost someone’s collection and they are a really good statement size too. I love how they have a kinda undead 1920s vampire vibe about them!

Box of Goth

You may have spotted a sneaky secret surprise gift in there too. I personally am a humongous surprise fan. When my fiancé proposed it was the biggest surprise ever and he said he just knew that that would be the way I would enjoy it the most. He was right! If someone could just plan me a surprise wedding now that would be great! Unfortunately I know that isn’t going to happen but I can quench my surprise thirst with mystery subscription boxes, hurrah! I have signed up to a few different ones and I loved my surprises from Box of Goth! So I was super stoked to be able to include one of their mini mystery boxes in the giveaway.

If you look hard enough you can have a little peek at some of the contents but I purposefully kept them packed away in the spirit of the mystery box. The little coffin box is the cutest thing ever and you will often see mine pop up on a product shot on my insta feed from time to time. It’s just too cute!

Foxx and Raccoon

This super sleek bats in the moonlight print by Foxx and Raccoon is a super inclusion in the giveaway! I love how sleek Hk’s work is. She has lots of one off and bespoke pieces on offer too so her profile is definitely worth a visit for some gothy gifting! 

Then there’s me!

I’ve added some of my brand new A5 size prints to the giveaway and a pin to add to the super pin haul (there are at least 5 in there!)

I’ve also included some stickers, despite being too much of a silly billy to include them in the photo. 

It’s going to be super lovely when I get to tell the winner that they’ve won on Tuesday! Who doesn’t like giving out good news? I once had a job where every Friday I had to ring someone who had won £1,000 on our weekly lottery and it was always the best way to wrap up a week. I do love playing Santa with these giveaways. 

If you haven’t entered yet, the winner will be drawn Tuesday 15th September and the giveaway is open worldwide. Just head to to find out how to enter!

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