Revisiting the Studio

I thought it might be nice to revisit my studio. This is because I am still excited about it. I love showing it off! Plus I haven’t shared it here since I first moved in. I’ll just cover some of the new bits since then.

Firstly though I want to recap on how much I love this place! I LOVE it! I am so excited to come here everyday. It has been two and a half months since I moved in. This place feels so much like home. I have my packing corner, my work corner and my cosy corner. Plus everything has a place. I have my paint trolley, packaging storage and my library. I even have a shelf and area just for Dot. The organisation of my studio helps me day to day so much. Efficiency means I can do things quicker. It also helps me feel more professional. I am just in my element here. 

My Spooky Studio Garden

I have gotten so many pants you guys! I got a bit obsessed. Plants bring great life to a space. They also make sure you have to come in and look after them. Stops you working at home in your PJs too much! I’m still working out what sort of plants will thrive in this space though. I think it suffers from hot summers and cold winters so they’ll certainly be tested! I have gone for spooky planters and am planning to add little ghostly touches. This is why I call it my spooky garden. Ghosts with plants feature in a few of my pieces of work so I am excited to have my own real spooky garden for real.

One Man’s Trash…

My new paint trolley is also a pride and joy of the studio. The best thing about it is that it was free! It was the exact trolley I wanted for ages. But it was so expensive and I spent so much on my studio I couldn’t justify it, Luckily for me Martin spotted one in a skip! I was convinced it would be gone by the time I got there. Either that or it was broken. I was in luck. It was in perfect condition and there waiting for me. 2020 definitely needs more wins and this was certainly one. How could you put something so wonderful out in the trash? Crazy!

What’s Left?

There’s not much left to do. I’ve established that I need to amend Dot’s corner a little. This is so that I can get an extra shelf in. I have too many books. Too many tchotchkes. A load of stuff. I definitely have the space for it and i don’t think Dot is going to hate having her bed moved next to the radiator. 

I still need to create my big hue flag and get some more wall art. There’s no need to rush these things though. Plus the best problem to have as a freelancer is being too busy to create this extra stuff. 

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