Halloween Pet Portraits

I recently introduced Halloween Pet Portraits to my commissions. They are my first ever digital only Etsy product. I’m going to talk a bit about my thinking behind them and the first ones I have completed.

Digital Art in a Digital Age

Before now all of my commissions have been drawn in fineliner pen. This involves an initial pencil sketch that is then completed in pen and then posted recorded delivery to the customer. Through offering new digital portrait options I can offer more affordable commission opportunities. It is a faster method of producing art and involves no postage costs. For this reason I have also begun to offer digital house portraits. I will continue to offer my traditionally drawn commissions as I think that each method of illustration creates a very different finished result.


The benefit of not using the postage system is not just that the customer is saved postage costs, but that portraits are received immediately upon completion. This is especially important as an option in a year where the Christmas postage system will be under particular strain. It also means that I can accept commissions up until a later date that ordinarily and the turnaround time is quicker.

The First Class

I was so happy to get such a great reception for these portraits and to sign up my first customers within hours of announcing the portraits. It was great to hear their ideas and see their gorgeous familiars! There’s a choice of colour portraits, black and white or with a colour pop. I can incorporate any halloween costume, film character or spooky idea that you can come up with. I love chatting through ideas with customers.

Through completing my first batch of portraits I am definitely loving adding these to the shop. I am a big animal lover and getting to see everyone’s adorable pets and having the honour of drawing them is a huge win!

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