New Project: Illustrated Ghost Stories

This Friday I am launching my Illustrated Ghost Stories project. You might have seen my video introduction or my illustrated sketchbook cover over on instagram. The project is running over my instagram and includes me releasing a series of videos based on legendary ghost stories. Starting with tales from around the UK and then hopefully moving onto those from around the world. In the videos I will tell the ghost stories and create an original illustration for them in my signature style. 

Keeping the Witching Hour Free

I have wanted to start this project since the beginning of 2020. With balancing running my business alongside a hectic events job then turning into a topsy turvey world, the project got pushed to the end of my list. Since then (and the loss of my events job) I have been concentrating on making my lil biz viable as a full time venture, and again this project just didn’t get much of a look in. The reality is that it has taken a lot of hard work to buy myself sometime especially for the project. Plus a pinch of determination to keep the time just for that.

Is Youtube right for Me(tube)?

I have been getting to grips with creating video content since lockdown. It’s something that seems to be a good way to engage with people who follow my art, is as far as they get to see a bit more of me than they do when I’m behind a camera. It also means that I can explain things in more detail than a post will often allow. This might be stories behind my work or introducing new projects. Sometimes it’s just me showing everyone around my studio. Regardless it has proven to be a good thing to get to grips with. So I set up a YouTube channel and got to grips with that and I’ve been trying to work on and improve my video editing skills.

What’s clear is that I definitely need some better equipment. I hope that you guys don’t mind to bear with me in the meantime though! I hope to learn more and get better as the videos go on. Timing the drawings and the storytelling has been tough too but I am sure I can get into the swing of this better also.

Share Your Thoughts!

I would really love to hear your feedback once the project has launched. I want to create something that others are going to enjoy as well as me. Any thought you have, please do share them! The project is born from my love of drawing and my love of ghost stories, but it’s a lot of work to do if you guys aren’t going to enjoy it too. I want to make the best of it I can. Let me know your favourite stores too if there’s anything in particular you would like to see me cover. I just ask that they are ghost stories  rooted in local folklore, but it can be from anywhere! You don’t need to know all the facts either as I will do my research. I already have ideas for the next few videos and am excited to research some more 🙂

To check out my videos once they are live, just head over to my Youtube channel at and remember to subscribe to be updated about future video releases 🙂 

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