Winter is Coming

So I thought this post could just be a little update into my life as an illustrator during Lockdown 2: Electric Bugaloo. I’ve reduced my time at the studio all the way down to only going there to pack online orders. This is because it is too impractical to bring home all of my stock and packing materials. It means that I don’t have to bring all of my materials home in one go either. I am the only artist in my studio space and it is in walking distance so it’s pretty safe to go but working from home still feels like the right choice given the official advice.

I do miss the studio though. It’s my happy place! I also need to get better at focusing on work at home instead of doing chores. I know I can’t be the only person guilty of doing this…

Current Projects

Happily despite lockdown I have some projects on the go that are easily done from home. 

I even have a sculpture to paint which was my dream for lockdown last time round. It’s just a mini one and will form part of the Artwaves Festival in Bridlington in Spring. I am creating some bigger sculptures for the festival too, but that’ll be a bit closer to the time. 

Excitingly one project I am working on currently is an illustrated children’s book. I’ve previously illustrated a book cover but not a story book itself. It’s a big undertaking but it’ll be great to see it come to life. I’ve got a couple of other client projects not he go too, so if I seem a bit more absent from social media than usual than this is why. I’m just really thankful to be busy given everything going on. 

I am really missing large painting projects. I can’t wait for them to start again. So I am also looking at trying to secure more commissions like these for 2021. It was such a huge part of my year last year. So I am extra thankful for these other project whilst arts trails and mural commissions have all but taken a hiatus.

Is this bad?

I don’t know if this is a great idea or not but living in a second lockdown means that I am able to get more work done on the weekends. Ordinarily I would not recommend this. It’s important to have a break and remember that there are other important things in life besides working. During lockdown and ahead of the busy Christmas period it feels like a good use of time though. The hope being I can take a little time extra to relax by the time Christmas rolls around. 

With the good news of Trump missing out on re-election and a promising vaccine for Covid on the horizon, I am hopeful that by the time winter is over we can find a bit more normality once again. With it, a chance to grow my little business out in the sunshine once again.

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