Collaborators Wanted!

One of my goals for 2020 was to work on more collaborations this year. Although 2020 is not the year I expected it to be, a lot of my goals still ring true. Happily, this has been an excellent year so far for collaborations. From creating illustration designs, joint giveaways all the way through to tshirt and merch designs I have been involved in some brilliant collaborative projects this year. Some I have highlighted in this blog already and the rest I will do so soon.

I want you!

Collaborations are my bag and I am still looking for more! I want to find likeminded artists and brands to work with. There is so much scope for working together to! If done right collaborations are a brilliant way to support the growth of each others business. It can also be an opportunity for us to sell together and create much needed revenue. If you are a business looking to collaborate with an artists you can have the knowledge of supporting an independent artists and getting some great quality designs and cross promotion. 


There are tonnes of ways we can work together as artists and create something beautiful. Joining up for giveaways is definitely something I love to do. We can reward our social media followers and grow our accounts at the same time. There’s also scope for creating something together too. That can be a product, a campaign, anything! If you have an idea how we can work together, get in touch! 


I have collaborated with businesses of all shapes and sizes during my time as an illustrator. From creating promotional assets, to designing merch for sale and even creating one off pieces of art for competition prizes. As lockdown continues to ease and with social distancing measures in mind I am picking up painting projects again, and painting murals in office and commercial spaces as well as temporary window painting designs are all back on the cards. If you have an idea where you’d like to work with a vibrant local Sheffield artist then drop me a line and lets chat about it. 

Other Organisations

I am always open to a chat about working together if you have an idea in mind. Community arts projects and workshops are just some examples of working with community groups and the third sector. All I ask is please not to be asked for financial support and donations. I get a lot of requests and it is unsuistanable for me to support them all. The reality I that I am a sole trader whose trying to build a small business and I am under as much pressure as the rest of us at the moment. I continue to support charitable causes such as with my Post Snail Press postcard sales and my recent Mercht tshirt campaign, but I do so only at a rate I can afford to (which isn’t much I’m afraid!) I do offer preferential rates to charitable organisations looking for illustration and design work.


I’m not scary and I don’t bite. If you’ve got an idea please do get in touch! It could be the start of something beautiful! You can find my contact form on the ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page. Alternatively you can email me on

New Collaboration: Post Snail Press

I recently joined the first batch of artist to feature on Post Snail Press. A new project from Fernandes Makes and Loaf & Bear in a response to Covid 19. The project offers a creative new way to keep in touch with friends and family during lockdown and beyond. Visitors to the Post Snail Press website can purchase postcards designed by 35 different artists. Not only that but you can purchase stamps, envelopes and pens too. The whole shebang you need to send some TLC in the post.  

The aim of the project is to:

Spread joy, humour, hope and positivity

Encourage people to stay connected using the postal service

Help a community of artists support each other and raise funds for charity

The project supports artists, many of whom have income streams completely decimated by the lockdown. The postcard project supports artists financially with each sale of their design. Plus, every sale raises money for charity too. The current cohort of designs are raising funds for the Samaritans with every order. Their chosen charity links in with their aim to keep connected and support other, even through something as simple as a note on the back of a postcard.

My Design 

My design was a second iteration of an illustration I created in response to Covid-19. I made it when lockdown was announced. That the country was being put into lockdown wasn’t a surprise but it didn’t make it any less surreal. Or less unfamiliar.

I have repeatedly visited this idea of spirit communication as a completely uncreepy thing. This idea that ghosts like to chat, and use psychics and ouija boards like phones. Ouija boards are a recurring prop in horror films. In my illustrations, there’s only ever a soft and cute spook on the other end. Always up for a chin wag. I felt that this fit in with the sentiment of the project well. You can find on my design you find a cute spook who values a good wholesome catch up. I drew it to encourage people to stay in touch with each other, and with me!

I hope that it gets sent to people who value a good wholesome catch up too. 

The postcards can all be bought directly from the Post Snail Press website. You can choose postcards individually or in lucky dip multipacks. Each postcard is A6 sized making it function as a great mini print too.