Halloween Window Drawing

I would LOVE TO DO THIS. That’s my main headline

This year I have designed a package for store front businesses for me to create a one of a kind Halloween window drawing for them. It combines two of my favourite things, big public art and Halloween spooks!

Halloween is the one time of year that my art style is particularly en vogue with the masses. I’m always gonna be a ‘draw ghosts in July’ kinda gal, it’s just nice to see everyone else rocking it once a year too! You could even say that October is when I gain my mass appeal. I’m Cinderella all month long and then at the stroke of November I turned back into a carved grinning pumpkin for the rest of the year.

I’d like to create bright, cute and spooky Halloween scenes temporarily for the Halloween period. The designs are wipe clean when the storefront wants to inevitably get ready for Christmas.

The designs can be tailor made in include messages, the business name or Halloween greetings. Store owners can input any specific ideas they have and I will happily chat to customers and passers by as I work.

It’s fun, it’s good for business and CAN YOU TELL I REALLY WANT TO DO IT

Halloween in the U.K. seems to be a holiday that is growing in popularity year on year. You just have to look at the rise in Fear Farms, Pumpkin Picking and the cult of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I believe it has real pull power for customers. It’s a sure fire way to make your business stand out on a busy high street.

Plus, it’s really flexible. Whether you are a comic book shop or a cafe, a restaurant or an estate agents. It works for lots of different customer focused businesses. It can even brighten up an office. Furthermore, even though I LOVE Halloween, I can design windows for other occasions too.

I am really keen to try this idea so if you are a business or know a business who might fancy it, send them my way and let’s get the ball rolling!