Market Announcement: Darksome Arts and Craft Virtual Market “EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN”

This is a big one, baby! It’s no secret that Covid takes the trophy this year for messing everything up. EVERYTHING. Finding any kind of silver lining has been tough. I lost my job, I couldn’t meet my newborn nephew, and I was still a lot luckier than a lot of other people. Taking part in the Darksome Art & Craft market is definitely a silver lining for me!

A Weekend market in Halloween town

Last month I was interviewed by the Halloween arts and Travel Podcast. The podcast is US based and we talked about the differences in markets in the US and UK. Primarily Halloween and oddities markets. We talked about how these things don’t exist in the UK. Which is a huge shame I’m sure you’ll agree! I always look upon them on social media and dream I could attend!

When I saw that the fabulous Darksome Art and Craft we’re running an ‘Everyday is Halloween Market’ online I didn’t think twice about applying. I didn’t want to hold my breath though. With so many talented artists on their books I knew it would be competitive. Plus applying from the other side of the world felt like a big of a punt for sure! When I got accepted I was super excited!

One Helluva Birthday Bash

The market is taking place on the weekend of 16-18th October. With my birthday slap bang in the middle of it. I’d say that’s a good excuse for me to treat myself to some spooky birthday gifts. The line up has been announced on the official facebook event and it looks brilliant. The wonderful Defective Pudding has created an excellent poster for the event. I love her work and have a few prized possessions by her up in my studio. I think it’s nice for the market to be able to host artists from other corners of the world too. So I am humbled and happy that we are offering something new to each other.

It’s always nice to take part in a market that is 100% spooky. It doesn’t happen often, especially here in the UK. It’s nice to be trading alongside artists in a similar field. It’s brilliant to be curated as part of that. The market will take place on a dedicated website created by Darksome Art and Craft themselves so follow them on social media or look out on mine for more details of how to get involved.

There might even be a discount on offer in honour of the occasion. I’ll definitely be producing more video content too. This went well at the Etsy Made Local market last month and it’ll be nice to share my work and my studio with some new fans as well as existing supporters. Can’t wait to see you there!