Spooky House Portraits, a Spotlight

One of my favourite commission projects to work on are my spooky house portraits.For each one I get inspired by photos of the clients home and make it haunted! I will use stories and favourite themes from the client if they have them.I will go wild with what I think suits the house best for those who want a surprise.

They are such a rewarding thing to work on. I get to have a glimpse of people’s lives and homes and get such wonderful stories shared with me. I get to connect with folk who love spooky stuff too! It’s great to come together with people and hear ideas about their spooky homes.

Haunted Houses

Originally I began the commissions by adding ghosts to house portraits I had drawn as I thought suited the house best. Through working with so many people it has been wonderful to see so many different ideas come through. From giant fuzzy toys and Godzilla-like monsters to haunted pets and mothmen. I have even drawn some allegedly haunted properties! Recently I got to draw a house in the US that was teeming with spooky stuff before I even started. A halloween house haunt captured for the owner in A3 size. What a great way to celebrate halloween all year round? All that hard work decorating and prop making should be remembered more frequently for sure! It is so nice to see all the different ways the portraits can go.

Not Just Houses

I have event drawn venues including the ‘Red rum’ bar in Stafford. One of the several haunted properties I have drawn. However, you don’t have to have a spooky story attached to your property for me to draw it. You don’t even have to have big ideas. JUst telling me that you like spooky stuff is fine! You can leave it to me to do the rest.

Get In Touch!

If you have taken a gander at my haunted portraits and like what you see, get. In touch to find out more! I can give you examples of portraits, current size options, lead times and prices and we can see about the best way to haunt your house. Just fill out the contact form on my website or email sianellis@hotmail.co.uk for details 🙂