My First Podcast Interview

You can now listen to my first ever podcast interview! I recorded this with the lovely Kristen from Halloween Art and Travel. Kristen found my work on instagram and we then chatted over etsy. When Kristen asked me if I would like to be a guest I was very humbled and also nervous! It’s only recently that I have started live streaming. Recently that I have started recording anything I have said other than through the written word. I definitely want to improve on this and get better. I want to be able to create more engaging content in a range of mediums. So my first podcast was a great way to go. 

Halloween Art and Travel

What an excellent mix, right? Who doesn’t love both these things? Kristen is a lover and collector of Halloween artwork herself. In her podcast she interviews a range of talented halloween artists. It was lovely to be included as one of them. I even had the honour of being the first artists outside of the US to feature on the podcast.


Kristen did an excellent job of calming my nerves and came up with some really great questions. Ultimately it was just a really nice chat about halloween it’s someone who loves it like I do. Which is a great thing to get the chance to do. Especially as the Halloween art scene is still so small here in the UK.

It was a great opportunity to practice talking about my work in general too. If I am going to embrace the internet as a place of recording and live streaming then I have to get good at this. I can be guilty of just working on instinct. I create things because I enjoy the process and I make things because I am compelled to. Often that means that I am not always putting my experiences into words. Practicing how to talk about my process and my inspiration is an important skill. It just doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me when I am working. The more I get chance to practice these things I hope that the better at this I become. So stay tuned for more streaming opps from me, whether on instagram live or my new shiny YouTube channel. Maybe there will even be more podcasts soon too. 

If you would like to give the podcast a listen I talk about about my background, halloween in the UK, my favourite spooky podcasts and all things that inspire me as a spooky artist. Just follow the link at and be sure to subscribe for fabulous fortnightly halloween artist interviews