I Went on a Real Life Ghost Hunt

When I was a kid I used to try and catch ghosts at home. I know that can’t surprise you given how much ghosts feature in my work. This October though I got to go on my first ever paranormal investigation!

We’re going on a ghost hunt!

It was a birthday surprise from my other half and I thought I’d share my experience with you guys as I know a lot of you like spooky stuff too! The ghost hunt took place in London at the Ragged School Museum in Tower Hamlets.

Setting the Scene

We arrived at the museum at 9pm after a day exploring the capital. We were welcomed by some friendly and welcoming paranormal investigators and some fancy and complicated looking equipment. They pointed us towards the teas and coffees where we should await further instruction. If we are going to last the night, we’re going to need a lot of caffeine! To my surprise there were about forty others waiting for the hunt to start, who knew ghost hunts were so popular?

A Nighttime Tour of the Ragged Museum

A volunteer of the museum started the night by taking us on a tour of the Ragged School. He showed us the rooms across the four floors and told us about the history of the building. As well as a Victorian school, the building had later become a leather jacket factory. There was nothing creepy or macabre in his tales but it gave us some context about where we were.

Let the Hunt Commence!

Our first activity was as our whole group of forty. Our lead investigators encouraged us to open our minds and get in the correct energy set for the evening. Afterwards we split into teams of 10 and undertook experiments in groups around the building. These ranges from Ouija boards to various sensors to white noise in a radio. Unfortunately, not much was explained about the experiments or how they work. A cynic might say because they don’t and there’s nothing to explain, but I’m sure there’s more of a basis in them than that.

So are you full Sixth Sense now Sian?

Honestly? No. There was nothing presented to me that evening that made me think we had contacted anyone from the other side. There were instances to make me think that we had some cheeky planchette pushers among us, and some folk with big imaginations but evidence of ghosts? Not in my books. 

Thing is, I didn’t expect too. We had a laugh, a spooky adventure and a very memorable birthday treat. It didn’t feel much more advanced than me dusting flour over my toys as a child to see if a ghost moved them, btu then again, that was its charm.