Spooky Book Recommendations Round 2

Since the Uk has ended up in Lockdown 2: Electric Bugaloo I thought I’d throw out some more book recommendations. I don’t know about you guys but my book consumption has definitely gone up in 2020. Here are a couple more recommendations and you can see my last list here.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Iain Reid

This one has been on my list for a while and the appearance of the Netflix film prompted an emergency read fuelled by fear of spoilers. The one thing I knew about this book before I read it was that the less you know about it, the better. So prepare for a super vague recommendation here. I successfully dipped and dodged the Netflix trailers and read it in one day. Which is super rare for me! It keeps you interested and guessing all the way through. I’m definitely going to check out the film, but you should definitely read the book first if you can. Perfect for a short, thrilling read with a bit of navel gazing thrown in.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, Grady Hendrix

I’m not going to say this is the best book ever. But I do love the work of the author Grady Hendrix. He has such a great sense of humour, a penchant for feisty female characters and he clearly watches a lot of horror movies. At the very least with a Hendrix book it is exceedingly readable and his characters are strong. When a mysterious stranger moves to suburbia a group of housewives find their sleepy lives interrupted and one begins to suspect there might be something unusually dangerous about their new neighbour. I read this vampire novel on Whitby beach, where Dracula landed in the famous novel and a town where Stoker wrote parts of the seminal vampire book. An enjoyable ride.

The Winter People, Jennifer McMahon

You would be forgiven for thinking that Jennifer McMahon and Grady Hendrix sponsor my blogs if you read my last round of recommendations. Sadly for me they don’t. They have just been two authors that I have discovered this year and sunk my teeth into. Vampire pun intended. The Winter people is a hard to define supernatural mystery. Similar in vein to ’The Uninvited’, another McMahon novel I loved in lockdown. This book also focuses on interwoven stories as characters attempt to solve their own personal mysteries that interlock with each other. However it adds in missing people, grisly murders and the walking dead too. If you liked ‘the Uninvited’ you’ll like this.

Let me know what you are reading in lockdown too. I always like to hear about a good spooky book 🙂 

Plus, if you fancy some more spooky stories in your life, don’t forget to check out my Illustrated Ghost Story videos 🙂

Spooky Book Recommendations

I never wanted my blog to be all work no play. Thing is, work is ramping up so much that there seems to be little space in a weekly blog for anything else! I want to share fun things with you. Advice from my experiences with you. Good news to be shared with you. So I am trialling sharing my blog twice weekly.

This means I can sneak in a spooky book recommendations blog today. Especially since we could all do with some new recommendations on what to read since we’ve got so much time on our hands. Here are my top reads from lockdown.

The Invited, Jeniffer McMahon

Hands down, 5/5 my favourite book in quarantine. ‘The Invited’ prooves itself to be a truly inventive haunted house story. It tells the tale of a couple procuring some land in Vermont that has a violent history, but will now become the building site for the couple’s dream home. Unbeknownst to them at the time, a haunted house yet to be built. It’s a tale of mystery, obsession and the paranormal. It’s a tale of the strength of connections between women that span a century. Perfectly crafted and compelling, I absolutely recommend.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism, Grady Hendrix

The ultimate 80s buddy movie featuring sleepovers, high school dramas and one hell of a demonic possession. Super nostalgic for a decade I only experienced in my pampers, this book was a hoot. Just how strong can a bond between two teenage girls be, and what tests can it withstand? This book played out like what I would imagine a collab movie between John Hughes and John Landis might look like. Grapevine says it’s coming to a screen near you soon.

The Essex Witch Museum Series, Syd Moore

I have just ordered my second book in the series. I started in the middle and I enjoyed enough to find more. It’s not the greatest piece of literature you will ever read but it’s a fun romp. Take a classic whodunnit, add Bridget Jones and sprinkle in some witchcraft lore and you have an Essex Witch Museum Mystery. Easy and enjoyable read.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury

In complete opposition to our last recommendation is this floral and poetic offering. A bit of a marmite author, I am team Bradbury after reading this. Whimsical and childlike yet downright scary at parts. This tale follows Will & Jim, two teenage boys and their curiosity towards a sinister carnival that rolls into their sleepy town. A supernatural adventure and a bittersweet read.

Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson 

This has been on my to read list since the hugely popular Netflix series. I absolutely loved it and was surprised to find the book had little in common. What remained was the true unease of the oppressive house. I particularly enjoyed the construction of our protagonist Eleanor. The journey of her mind’s reaction to such a home. Haunting and memorable, another haunted house for the ages.