A Peek at My New Studio

I have sectioned the studio off into different spaces with different jobs. It means I get to move around the space throughout the day as I work on different things. This is really attractive to me and how I tend to work at home. I have three main work areas plus storage and a corner all for Dot. There is my main desk with the most glorious shelf of ghosts. I was adamant I wanted this feature! It’s not practical but I love it. This is my main working area and where I do all of my hand drawn work.

Behind it is a more casual area. It has a bench and a beautiful monstera plant. I am still searching for cushions and a coffee table to finish it off. Plus I am really enjoying trawling for artwork for the walls too. This is like a breakout space and somewhere I can sit more comfortably to work digitally. It also means I can work and snuggle Dot at the same time. Basically live the dream! When I find a coffee table it will be in such a good light that I know it will make a great space to photograph my products too. 

The Most Organised Corner of the Universe 

Well, my universe! The third area is a corner dedicated to my online shop. It’s an area where I can pack orders like a little production line. This is a surprisingly time consuming job each week. Partly because I love packing things nicely and adding extra stickers and washi tapes. I don’t want to stop doing that because I know it is much nicer to receive post that way. I just need a great space to do it! With this new space I don’t have to clear away any illustration work I am working on or work around my pens and stationary. I’ve also been able to organise my prints a lot better so designs are quicker to find and there is less chance of wastage from my packaging and prints getting scuffed than when I am constantly routing through not very organised stock in the limited available space at home. I have got a real organisation excitement over this bit!

Feeling Professional

I instantly feel more professional in this space. Which is good because it is an added expense each month that I have to earn more to cover. I have faith that I can though. The vibe of the space is so nice and concentrating is easy. Giving all my work more space just makes working nicer all round. Building an environment that I think is beautiful a dn works for me builds my confidence too.  

My New Art Studio

I am so enamoured with this place guys! I just realised I didn’t even tell you about it on here! So first I’m going to give you a rundown of why I got a studio, then we’ll have a peek on the next blog.

Calm Down and Stop Shouting

I really am very excited! I dismissed the idea of a studio for a while. The combination of the expense and some weird unfounded feeling. The feeling that I’m not professional enough to be allowed a studio. Like there are folk that gatekeeper this and take it off you. I know it isn’t true but it’s a real barrier I had. Lockdown was the main encouragement for me. I missed people too much. To me it is important to work alongside others and to do that I need to get out of the house.

I also need a better divide between my home and my work. The chance to switch off easier each day. When I did decide I knew that the building I am now in was the one I wanted to join in. It is perfectly located in the city centre and lovely big bright studios inside. Plus it’s full of young creatives in a variety of fields and is dog friendly too! 

My Own Studio

I”ve gone for my own private studio because it was an option available to me. Frankly, I am a weirdo. I like to talk to my dog constantly and listen to scary story podcasts. When sharing I’d be a bit more conscious of reigning that in but when I am working in my natural environment I am more productive and work more freely. It also means that I get to design the whole space exactly how I want it. 

Trafalgar Warehouse

The space is in the Trafalgar Warehouse. A converted warehouse with studios and a huge large event space. I first visited on an open studio day. From the moment I walked in the first studio I was enamoured. It really is a lovely space! I have since been as part of an AR&VR exhibition with Sheffield Doc Fest. I know they have done markets and weddings and club nights too. As an event organisation I can appreciate what a versatile space it is. It’s only a 20 minute walk from my home too. Plus, my ceramic studio is a minutes walk away, and there’s a park round the corner to take the dog. 

Introducing My Studio

As a kid I would have loved to have a studio space. I probably wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that one day I’d have access to two studios to work in, but luckily for me I do. Surprisingly though, as an adult, it’s often difficult for me to convince myself to spend time in them. I believe that it’s a symptom of having two jobs. My leisure time is rarely just that, and so I am painfully guilty of working in front of the telly.


The problem here is that my living room ends up filled with paper, pens, sewing kit, fabrics, clocks to illustrate, prints to post… you get the picture. It means I never get away from work, and it’s not much fun do the rest of the household too.


So I have been working on turning my home studio space into a magnet to draw me into a dedicated workable space. I am happy to say I’ve done this successfully through focusing on several aspects of the studio.


How to create an ideal studio space

1. Keep it organised

Firstly, I took the time to ensure the space is used effectively, efficiently and permanently. By this I mean that there is a home for everything, positioned in order to improve workflow and for maximum ease of access. This is something you’re never going to achieve if your base is a pile on the living room coffee table.

2. Immerse Yourself

Secondly I made the space my own. I filled it with the tools I used to create and decorated it with the pieces that inspire me. This includes pieces by my favourite artists and pieces of my own that I am proud of. In this respect there is still a long way to go, and lots of wall space left to fill, before I am happy I have my stamp on the room. It is important to have somewhere you can immerse yourself in your work.

3. Lights, Camera, Action

Thirdly, I made sure my studio has the one thing most important to any studio space, a good source if daylight. It’s essential for your wellbeing, your eyesight, your Instagram photos and viewing your work as it truthfully is.


As my studio changes I will share updates via my blog, and keep your eye out for a future post on an insight into my ceramic studio.


Machine wool in the studio