Halloween Film Recommendations Round 2

So it’s after Halloween now, I get it. Do you care though? No, me neither, and there’s more films I want to tell you about too! Here’s more horror recommendations from me to get you over the post Halloween blues.

The Witch

Robert Eggers is one of two directors I have my eye firmly on at the moment. The next director we will discuss in my next entry to the list. ‘The Witch’ is an indie horror that was under so much hype when it was released that it would be too easy to disappoint. However, I think it deserved every bit of it. Set in the US during the height of witch hunt paranoia. We follow a family trying to find out who is responsible for the loss of their son. As the film progresses, fingers point increasingly inwards.

I once showed this film in a woodland at night. It was every bit as perfect a setting as I’d hoped it would be. If you can’t manage that though, a regular old domicile is just fine. A family becomes torn apart by accusations and fear. There are some stand out lines of dialogue and characters who have gone on to gain cult status.


This is a film that divides people but I am staunchly in camp Ari Aster. His more recent offering of ‘Midsommer’ was a work of art too. If you are going to start somewhere though, start with ‘Hereditary’. Another film that focuses on the trials of a family following tragedy. I watched this film in an evening and spent about five days afterwards on the internet because of it. Looking at fan theories, researching the inspiration and generally just trying to get my head around the whole glorious thing.

It’s another example of why everything that Toni Collette touches turns to gold. Mostly though it is a beautifully crafted construction of a tragic tale. An example of extraordinary horror in a familiar suburban setting.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

I will tell you barely anything about this one as this genre bending horror is just too easy to give away. Here we have a chamber piece set in a father son mortuary as they perform an autopsy of a beautiful corpse found in strange circumstances. The film is beautifully suspenseful and has you guessing till the end. Tensions are built ever so slowly and unnervingly as we try to work out just what in the hell is going on. The twists and turns are satisfying and well presented and make the film well worth a watch.

The Ritual

This British horror tells the tale of a group of men on a hiking holiday in Sweden who encounter something strange in the woods. This horror takes its roots in folklore and explores something of a wicker man style narrative. What sets it apart is the artistry of the sometimes surreal cinematography as the characters try to retain their sanity and friendships whilst processing the horror of the situation that they are in and tragedy stemming from the loss of a friend. Plus it’s got Raife Spall in and he is always great!

What We Do in the Shadows

I’ve just reccomended you 8 of my favourite horror films, so right about now you are probably in need of a laugh! One of the best comedy films in recent years in my opinion is What We Doin the Shadows. This documentary focuses on a group of vampires in a flat share in New Zealand and it is just zinger after zinger after zinger. Imagine what it must be like to live with a flat mate who doesn’t do the dishes, but for 200 years?

If you love Flight of the Conchords, Thor Ragnorrok or Hunt for the Wilderpeople then you are guaranteed to love this. I find myself assuming everyone has seen it, but then I meet people who haven’t so I will recommend it till I am blue in the face.


I hope you have found some new things on my last couple of blogs, if you think of a film that you’d think I would like, be sure to comment and let me know!