New project announcement: The Great York Ghost Search

I was approached by Snow Home UK in early June about taking part in their Great York Ghost Search. The event will be in its third year in 2019 and takes place in shops across the city. I had seen the Easter bunny version and thought that I would have liked to have taken part. To be specifically approached for a ghost version of the project therefore was most exciting. If there’s one thing for sure, I’m ALWAYS up for painting a spook! 

I don’t know if you noticed but I REALLY like ghosts

York is such a beautiful and interesting city with a rich supernatural heritage. I think that even just as an excuse to visit, the project is well worth getting involved in. The project consists of 26 artists customising 26 porcelain ghost lamps. This is a lamp for each letter of the alphabet. The lamps will be displayed in store fronts around the city centre. Maps are available for the Visit York tourist office to help you on your way. The trail runs October 11-November 1st, to cover Halloween and the half term holiday. 

There are even mini ceramic ghosts up for grabs on the trail too. Although I’m not sure if they are hidden or won,  but I am sure that I want one! I am donating my time to the trail which raises money for charity through an online auction at the end. The trail is the perfect half term family activity. Plus I t’s also as a dream opportunity for me to display my favourite kind of spooky art in a city I love. 

Feels a bit familiar?

The trail is similar to the Wild in Art trails I have been an artist with several times recently. Obviously on a much smaller scale! It’s a nice compromise to bring these arts trails to a city whose infrastructure I would imagine would not allow WIA participation.

Follow my Instagram page to see my design come to life, and visit my Etsy store for some of my York inspired artworks too. If you get chance to visit the trail, don’t forgot to tag me in your pics!