Make Your Own Krampus

Today’s Coutndown to Christmas is a free downloadable craft to make and get in the creepy festive mood.

For best results you should print him in A5 size, but if you want a bigger (albeit skinnier) Krampus you can print him in A4 and put two toilet rolls together to stick him on. I made mine to go on top of my studio Christmas tree but he makes a good shelf sitter too (just give his legs and tale a little bend).

Krampus is a Christmas character in Central Europe who comes to punish naughty children. A horned goat like creature he might hit you with a switch or carry you off to his lair in the underworld if you have been particularly badly behaved. Basically the anti-Santa, his name derives from the German word ‘Krampen’ meaning ‘claw’.

Follow the download link to access the file

This download is available for personal use only, so just a quick reminder not to reproduce it or use the design for anything other than creepying up your Christmassy homes and personal spaces. Thanks!