Halloween Special: Movie Recommendations

We interrupt this regular blog for a Halloween special. 

It’s my favourite time of year and I know that lots of folk who follow my work feel that way too. So let’s take some time off from  the world of illustration and take on my top movie reccomendations for the big night.

I’ve picked some more well known favourites and some hidden gems, but these are the flicks that I think deserve to grace your screen this Halloween. 

So grab your popcorn, your best hidey blanket and a stiff drink and let’s get spooked! 

You’re Next

I’m a big fan of indie horror that play with genres, tropes and formulas that we expect to see in a horror film. You’ll notice this as a theme in this kit and ‘You’re Next’ is no exception. 

It tells the tale of a woman going to spend a weekend with her boyfriend’s family when a gang of masked intruders descend on their remote hideaway. Sounds fun if the mill enough. Our lead then proceeds to take the tired and stale damsel in distress act and karate kick it’s face off. I won’t tell you anymore, but this smart feminist horror is well worth a watch.

Get Out

This Oscar winning horror from Jordan Peele broke the mould for all the right reasons. It’s no secret that horror has always been incredibly white and this sociological horror about the experience of being a young man of colour in the US is perfectly political. I could discuss everything perfect  ending for days but I won’t put any spoilers here. It balances comedy with serious issues and has some stunning moments of cinematography. The story and characters are well developed and it’s relevant. It’s important. It’s about the world we live in today. I can’t recommendations it enough and Peele has done wonders for the horror genre by bringing it to us.

They’re Watching

A slightly obscure option but I have a soft spot for this found footage horror comedy. A television crew travel to Eastern Europe to film a sequel to a reality tv show about an American woman building her dream home in the wilds of Moldova. However, they soon find themselves on the wrong side of the superstitious locals in a country where they are true outsiders.

There’s something kind of cheesy about it, but I enjoy how the story unfolds and the entertaining climax. There are more cerebral and serious found footage horrors out there (As Above So Below for example) but this is an enjoyable ride and an easy watch.

Trick r Treat 

It’s Halloween and this is a Halloween must see. The film is set on one Halloween night as an anthology of spooky stories become intertwined. Bringing us the loveable Sam who has fast become a horror icon, we learn the rule of Halloween and what you must do to stay safe.

The stories are all very different but blend together perfectly. There are shocks and surprises along the way and the film encapsulates the spirit of Halloween. It’s almost  reminiscent of a book of ghost stories, or the tales you would hear on the playground as a child. What results is a Halloween movie with a sense of nostalgia and perfect for an autumn night viewing. 

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