How to Build Your Business in Quarantine Part 3

 Revamp that Portfolio

Just like your website, make sure it’s up to date! I know how easy it is to get so caught up in doing commissions that you aren’t finding the time to shout about them to anyone. Make sure all of your marketing materials are up to date. Spend time on them you might not have had otherwise. This can be your CV, portfolio or your profile on freelancing websites. All of it.

Perhaps even drafting things like artist’s statements that you can use on a variety of future projects. You might want to use this time to write new packages that you offer that you can send to businesses, whether its related to commissions or wholesale or whatever is relevent. Make admin for future projects quicker and more efficient. In doing so you are making it so your capacity for work in the future is greater and you will make this time back then.

Take Some Time Out

My partner’s mother said that one good thing out of this would be to see me get a weekend off. She’s not wrong. Between markets, painting days and events in my part time job I rarely get a weekend to myself. Frankly, I’m knackered! If it takes a pandemic to force me to give myself a break well then that’s what we’ve got. I know how hard working small business owners are. I know that many of you who can afford it will be better off for a rest too.

Keep in Touch and Support Others

If you can afford it, shop online! Buy some bits that you can afford and that you don’t mind potentially waiting a while for if post offices close. Some makers can’t afford for us not to buy form them right now. If you can’t afford to buy, share them online, tell your friends and followers about them. But mainly, keep in touch. With your fellow artists, your suppliers, those you work with.

Make sure you know what’s happening with your postponed opportunities, and what is going on with those organisations. If you are unable to fulfill deliveries, commissions or stock drop offs, let people know. Make sure that you are all on the same page about when you can work together again. Strengthen your relationships from afar.

It should go without saying too that if you’re sick then don’t do anything except get better! If you want Netflix reccomendations, book suggestions or recipe tips, get in touch and I’ll provide my best ones.

Stay safe x x

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