How to Build Your Business in Quarantine Part 2

Hone Existing Skills

Just taking time to practice is great too. Unfortunately the one thing I have been most focused on practicising is wheel pottery, which following the closure of my studio is now out of reach. However, spending time to do more experimental drawing and painting and even sculpting with air dry and polymer clay is valuable. These are the kind of not necessarily commercial projects that I find do well on social media too. Use this opportunity to find out your half finished projects and finish them off.

Build your Social Media

We all need to stick together at these times. Social media can be a great way to do that. Building a new audience now and keeping them engaged can also mean potential customers when everyone is feeling a bit more financially stable again. Most of my advice, like this, is around not generation immediate income but fostering resource, relationships and opportunities for a stronger chance of building your business back up quicker and bigger on the other side. Visit Instagram for some #drawthisinyourstyle competitions for the chance to reach new audiences and improve your skills simultaneously.

Tidy up your Online Store

If you are like me, you probably have a few bits you have been meaning to put on your online store but haven’t had chance yet. Well here it is! It’s also good to review things like your tags and keywords, your shop description. It is probably a good idea to add an announcement about how COVID-19 will affect your domestic and international deliveries too. If you don’t usually do this, delve into your shop stats and learn a little bit more about what drives traffic to your site and how you can apply this to your listings.

Products Old and New

Now I am not implying that you have the capital to do this right now, but if you sell products then now is a great time to look into future ranges. Research suppliers, design new things and by Christmas ordering time you will find everything quicker and easier. Can you photograph existing and new products at home? That’s a great way to pass the time and revamp your online shop a little too.

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